Inkbox: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Disclaimer: This review is entirely personal. I was not asked by Inkbox for this review, and Lord knows I surely wasn’t paid for it. These opinions are entirely my own and stem from my personal experience as an Inkbox customer.

Inkbox. I’ve seen their ads on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites. I love the idea of a temporary tattoo that looks like a real one, but I wondered if it really worked. This year, my Halloween costume was a pirate (since I was too fat for last year’s bumblebee attire), and I decided to try Inkbox out and don a nautical themed tattoo to enhance my pirate costume. Here are my results:


The Good: The website is incredibly user friendly, and it didn’t take long for me to find the tattoo that I wanted. I went with a pre-made tattoo since I have no artistic leanings in drawing at all. None. Even my stick figures look wonky. For you artistically inclined, Inkbox does have a freelance kit you can buy. Once I received the tattoo, the instructions were incredibly simple, although I did fail to see the step where you use the alcohol wipe and finished with it unopened. Oops. My bad. You can follow the included instructions, or you can scan the code included on your instructions for a more entertaining version via Facebook messenger. Basically, they use GIFs to show you how to apply the tattoo. I thought it was entertaining. Application was a breeze and my tattoo showed up immediately and became almost a navy blue within 24 hours. I applied the tattoo on October 25, and it’s just now starting to fade. The fading is probably due to the fact that I have begun using a body wash that contains Epsom salts and has an exfoliating factor to it.

The Bad: While the website was a breeze, checkout was not. Be ye warned, mateys, that Inkbox does NOT accept debit cards as forms of payment. Fortunately, they do accept PayPal, which I just became a part of recently, and I was able to use that. My debit card is linked to PayPal, so I was able to purchase the tattoo, but I ran into a few issues. First, my debit card was declined, and I get an email from Inkbox telling me so. I was thinking, but I used PayPal! I thought that would be my loophole! Then, I get a call from the fraud alert line at my bank, and they had flagged the transaction as potentially fraudulent. I had to give permission for the transaction to go through, and then a few days later, I get an email from Inkbox letting me know that my tattoo is on its way!

Even though application was a breeze, it was not a simple slap on and go process. At one point, you have to apply pressure, hard pressure, for 15 minutes straight. I am not that strong of a person to apply that kind of pressure for that amount of time. Thankfully, I am a medical coder by trade, and my coding books weigh a good 5 lbs each or more, so I plopped a couple of them on my arm and set a timer for 15 minutes. Y’all, my arm fell asleep. I thought it was going to be flat as a pancake when I took those books off. Also, removing the tattoo applicator is like removing a band-aid. Prepare for a little bit of pain.

The Ugly: There really isn’t anything ugly to write here! Moving on!

The Rundown: Would I do Inkbox again? Absolutely! I’ll probably run into the same issue with the debit card thing, but I feel that it was worth it, and maybe someday Inkbox will accept debit cards! The tattoo is a super quality tattoo, and I fooled a couple of people into thinking I’d run out and gotten me a real one! LOL! So worth it. Now that I’ve been through it once, I kind of know the drill, and hopefully I would remember to use the alcohol wipe!

Do I recommend Inkbox? Absolutely! If you are wanting a tattoo, but are too chicken to deal with the needles, this is your answer! If you just want a tattoo but not the permanence of one, this is your answer! I highly recommend Inkbox for all your temporary tattoo needs! 🙂

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