Resolutions: Week 2

Two steps forward and one step back. That pretty much describes this second week. My water intake was a little less than last week, but I did manage some exercise this week.

Getting healthy can be hard! Especially when I’m not feeling well. I’ve been having increasingly frequent headaches that are so bad in pain that my eyes water and stream tears involuntarily. I have some pinched nerves in my neck, so I’m not sure if that’s the cause or what. I see my chiropractor tomorrow, so I’ll mention it to her.

On a good note, I have lost 1 pound! Isn’t that awesome? Ice cream for everyone! 😂 I’m just kidding. Sort of. Food wise, EMeals has been getting better. I made a couple of meals that used brisket and they came out delicious. Yesterday, I made some chicken ramen. I did use the noodles in the packs, but I made a homemade broth instead of using the seasoning packets. Delicious! Tonight’s meal was a pork tenderloin with apple-pecan topping, peas, and baby potatoes with butter and parsley. Eating healthy can be fun, but I’ve had to get creative. It’s good for the mind, though. I just need to keep thinking positively.

That is my update for this week. I’m hoping this next week will be better. Stay healthy, my friends!

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