Resolutions: Week 3

Life is grand. I lost one pound, only to find about 4 or 5 more. I’m going to employ another tool to help me keep better track of my weight, though. Today, I bought a scale. *Gasp*

Scales are dreaded things. Some people say we don’t need them, but how can we truly know whether or not our efforts are working if we can’t measure? I don’t like the idea of getting on there and seeing just how much I weigh, but if I bury my head in the sand, I’ll never get to celebrate my eventual weight loss. Truth hurts sometimes, but I’d rather have that than a sugar coated lie.

I didn’t wear my Fitbit this week, and I managed to forget to log my water, but I did drink water, and I did move around. I’m getting better at it. Success doesn’t happen overnight, though. Baby steps.

I discussed my headaches with my chiropractor, and we were doing some of my rehab work, and I accidentally discovered something. When I was put on the posture pump, which is a machine that puts curve back into your spine wherever you place it, my headache went away. So, since my spine has no curve in my neck, it’s pressing on nerves and creating headaches that are, I’m convinced, from the depths of hell itself.

As for EMeals, the meals are either getting tastier or my tastebuds are changing. Last night was oven fried pork chops and I made green beans and coleslaw for the sides. It was delicious! Tonight is patty melts and French fries. Hey, you gotta have some fun somewhere, right?

Exercise I haven’t done a lot of. It’s been either crazy cold, crazy wet, or some mixture of the two. I may try walking briskly in place.

Well, that is my update for this week. I’m not going to give up on this weight loss goal. It may take longer than a year, but I’m going to get there! Stay healthy, my friends.

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