Resolutions: Week 9

Good morning, my friends! I hope your week has gone well. It’s the official start of Week 9 in my weight loss journey, and I almost forgot to weigh myself this morning! I did, but only after inhaling some coffee and an off-brand toaster pastry. 186.2 is the number! Woo hoo! I’m back on the weight loss wagon!

This past week, I moved around more, and my chiropractor gave me some exercises to help with my inflamed hip joint. I’ve been doing those at night before going to bed. Two of the exercises are forms of the plank, and another is a yoga pose called the Cobra. At least, that’s what my Wii Fit calls it.

Water intake was better, but I can always do better in that area.

Emeals was exceptionally better in the taste department this week. Yesterday’s meal was a one pot stroganoff. I had to tweak the recipe due to a mushroom allergy, but it was a hit! I had planned on having leftovers for supper. Sunday is always kind of different in our house. We have a big dinner and then Sunday nights are appetizers/tailgate food. Unfortunately, there was only enough left to feed one person! And I had doubled that recipe, too, so that is a recipe I’ll make again. Tonight is pork tenderloin medallions with a blueberry sauce. The original recipe calls for blackberries, but I avoid those since I’m allergic to raspberries.

This week I also have the church to clean. I’ll be cleaning it three times this month instead of the normal two because it’s my turn to take the fifth Sunday cleaning. That’ll get me moving for sure! I clean it alone unless my hip is so bad that I ask my mom for help, and it usually takes about 4-6 hours to clean. If it’s really nasty, it can take up to 8 hours.There’s a lot to the church though. There are 3 bathrooms, a coffee room, lobby, sanctuary, a big room where the kids assemble, nursery, 2 preschool rooms, a multi-purpose room, 3 offices, a kitchen, and the area where the kids check in.

All in all, I plan to work harder this week to have a lower number on the scale on my next weigh in. I’m also going to work harder this week to find a job. Until next time, stay healthy my friends!

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