Resolutions: Week 11

I realize it’s only been a few days since my last post, but I’m trying to get back on schedule and get in a groove of sorts. Unfortunately, it seems I’m doing the tango with the scale and today it threw me for a loop. 186.2. How in the world? I’ve been moving around more than ever. Granted, my water intake is crappy, but moving around has to count for something, yeah?

The broken shoulder situation hasn’t changed much. A CT scan this week will decide whether or not surgery will be needed. If surgery is needed, then it will be a total shoulder replacement. Yikes! Then I really will be hopping around getting things done! For clarification, I am not the one with the broken shoulder. Another person in the household has it.

Emeals: I am off my game with them. This shoulder thing has gotten me off track. I usually pick up groceries on Wednesday. Yep, haven’t done that yet. I had to run to the store on Friday to pick up some food for the weekend. I have some chicken breasts in the freezer, and I have some BBQ sauce, so maybe I’ll boil the chicken, toss it in sauce and broil it until the sauce has a crisp to it. I think I have a veggie, too, somewhere in the freezer. We stopped buying canned veggies (other than beans) a long time ago. If I don’t get fresh, I get frozen. Since I’m so close to a new week of recipes, I may just float by until Wednesday.

Today is going to be a good day, folks. Life has thrown me some lemons this week, and I’m trying to make lemon curd out of them. I firmly believe that everything happens or is allowed for a reason, so I choose to look at this as an opportunity for personal growth. Until next time, stay healthy my friends!

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