Resolutions: Week 12

Happy Monday, people! I think–I hope– that spring has finally sprung! The Bradford pears have already unleashed their fury of pollen, and then we had a cold snap, and now the oak trees are releasing their instant headache powder. I’m nursing a headache today from all the pollen and my body’s natural radar for changing weather. Isn’t it funny how injuries can alert us to changes in weather? I digress, though.

I almost didn’t weigh myself this morning. Having been dealing with a family member with a broken shoulder, I haven’t really kept up with myself this week, and I didn’t want to see the numbers. I’d already had a cup of coffee and had snarfed down a waffle with peanut butter on it, but I stepped on the scales. 186.2. Yep. No weight loss, but no weight gain either. I’ll take it!

My lifestyle this past week has been more of survival of each day instead of careful consideration of what I’m doing. I’ve had to take over the things that the broken shoulder recipient usually takes care of, and it’s been quite the task! We are waiting on the doctor to call with the CT scan results. Those results will determine if surgery will be needed. If it is, then there’s probably a good chance that I’ll be giving up one of my volunteer positions at church. Most likely the cleaning part. I’m okay with that, though. It’s been wearing at me physically and I’m not sure how much longer I can go on doing it.

Another bright spot, though, is that all this stress has unleashed some of my creativity. I’ve been crocheting a blanket. I call it ‘Mermaid Scales and Unicorn Tails’. Catchy, yeah? I had some scrap yarn laying around, and the idea popped in my head. It’ll be a good baby blanket size, but it gives me something to do when my hip and back are in need of a rest.

Well, that’s my update for this week. Tonight’s meal will be leftovers from Sunday dinner, and I have so much junk mail to run through the shredder it’s not even funny. Until next time, stay healthy my friends!

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