Resolutions: Week 13

Stepping on the scale today, I was hoping for a good pound off. Especially since I have been running around like crazy. The numbers came up–186.4. A gain of two-tenths. Not really the number I was hoping for, but I have to accept it.

Why did I gain, though? Honestly, there’s been a lot of eating out lately. Pizza, burgers, things like that. Another reason I could have gained is by not eating enough. I haven’t been eating a lot this week. Not because I’m not hungry. I’m just so busy that I take a bite of food, remember another thing I need to do, and then I head off to do it. By the time I’m finished, the food has gone cold and I’m not that hungry.

Moving around hasn’t been a problem. I was on my feet for over six hours yesterday working on preschool curriculum for church. About two of those hours were spent cutting things out. I also cleaned the church this past Saturday.

In other news, the broken shoulder recipient will find out on Thursday whether or not surgery will be needed. If it is, then it’s a total shoulder replacement surgery. I’m preparing myself for that decision so that I’m prepared. I’ve already asked my pastor to find someone who can take over the preschool curriculum until all this is over. I haven’t heard back from him yet, though.

So this week, I’m going to focus on making sure I eat well, and that I take a break to catch my breath. I won’t be of any use to people if I keel over from a heart attack.

Until next time, stay healthy my friends!

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