Resolutions: Week 14

I stepped on the scale this morning, thinking I surely had to have gained. Especially since my eating habits have been terrible these past few weeks. I almost didn’t weigh myself because I’d just had some coffee and snarfed down a pack of Mrs. Field’s Nibblers. I was sent a tin of those as a birthday present. As I turned the scale on, I closed my eyes and prayed for a number that wasn’t so bad. Something that wouldn’t completely discourage me. As I heard the beep of the scale, I looked down. Surely that number was wrong! I watched as my BMI, body fat percentage and other calculations rolled on the screen, and then the body weight number came up again. 178.0.

Yep, folks, 178.0! Thank you, Jesus! How it happened I will never know. The broken shoulder recipient claims it’s because of all the moving around I’ve been doing to care for them. That could be, but I’ll take it!

Speaking of the broken shoulder situation, it turns out that surgery will be needed, so yesterday was an appointment with the surgeon and then the beginning of pre-op labs. Yesterday also happened to be my birthday, but it was still enjoyable in spite of the doctor appointment. I only had a few sips of coffee all day, but what I didn’t have in calories, I more than made up for with supper. I made a trip to DQ and got a Flamethrower burger. Mm. I’m a sucker for spicy food.

This journey is far from over, but I feel like I’ve made it over a speed bump. I’ve cracked that 180 mark. I just gotta keep going down now. What an encouragement, though! To know I’ve made it through the first big hurdle. My next hurdle is to crack that 170 mark. I’m going to keep going with the water and the moving, but I’ll have to really watch my eating habits and not eat that whole tin of cookies. It can be done, though! Until next time, stay healthy my friends!

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