Resolutions: Week 15

Fifteen weeks! How are we that far into the year already? Wow. Time really does fly by. I stepped on the scale this morning and got a nasty number. 181.8. Boo. Although I’m not surprised, I was hoping to not go back into the 180s.

What caused the gain, though? I certainly haven’t eaten terrible this past week. Granted, I did eat out a bit more than usual. I tried to choose healthy options though. I have a feeling that it was because I wasn’t as mobile as the previous week. I’ll be remedying that this week as there are pre-op appointments all day on Wednesday for the broken shoulder recipient, their surgery is scheduled for Thursday, and it’s also my turn to clean the church this week. I’m not entirely sure when I’ll get the church clean, but I need to do a stellar job on it since Easter is this coming Sunday.

I really don’t have any other updates other than the weight gain. I’m going to focus on the water thing today. I also need to focus on getting more rest. I didn’t get to sleep until after three this morning. It wasn’t that I was wide awake. I was exhausted. I just couldn’t get my brain to tone down for the night. I’m very stressed out about this surgery coming up. The bright side, though, is that I have friends who care about me. Unfortunately, they live in other states, but they check in to see how I’m doing.

I have been making a to-do list every day and I’m trying to keep realistic goals. It’s not a whole lot to some people, but to me it makes a difference. Keeps me on track and prevents me from going down too many rabbit holes.

I know this post is a little jumbly, but that’s probably due to the bad night of sleep. I’m going to keep on trucking and try for a lower scale number next week. Until next time, stay healthy my friends!

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