Resolutions: Week 18

Happy Evening, Readers! This post comes a little late in the day, but here it is!

I weighed myself this morning, and there is no weight loss, but no weight gain. 186.4 was the magic number. I feel a little like a bloated walrus, so maybe there’s some water weight there? My chiropractor mentioned I was swollen last week, too, so maybe there’s some retention? I don’t know.

Today I had one of my nasty headaches. Not as bad as some that I’ve had but it was there. I’ve powered through it, though, and tonight’s supper was pine nut couscous, and marinated steak with grilled oranges. It wasn’t too bad, but not one of my favorites.

The caregivee of the household is feeling better. They had their staples removed this past Friday (34 total), and now have some flex strips covering the incision site. Tomorrow we’ll be setting up physical therapy, and that will run three times a week for twelve weeks, so that’ll keep us busy all the way into August. I am also officially done with church volunteer work. Yesterday I showed the new preschool curriculum coordinator how to put everything together, and they are excited to begin.

Personally, when I’m not talking care of the wounded household member, I’m cooking, cleaning, running errands, or working on two craft projects. There’s a baby boom at church, so I’m crocheting a blanket for one couple and cross stitching one for another couple.

I’m also in the market for new vitamins. The liquid ones were good, but I’d remember to take a tablet better than liquid, to be honest.

All in all it’s been a decent week. A lot of physical pain and exhaustion, but there isn’t much I can do on that right now. It’ll get better. I’m hoping to save up and get a new mattress this year. I think that will really help with the pain.

Well, that’s my update for this week. It’s going better. The sun is shining, it’s getting warmer out, and the caregivee is on the mend. The weight loss process is slow, but I’d rather go slow and keep it off than lose quickly and gain it all back. 🙂

Until next time, stay healthy, my friends! 😁

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