Resolutions: Week 19

I actually remembered to step on the scale this morning! And before I ate, too! I’m down two-tenths of a pound: 186.2. Baby steps!

That small downsize is probably related to my increase in activity this past week. Physical therapy has officially started, and it will be 3 times a week for at least 12 weeks. Yesterday, I timed how long it takes to get my caregivee ready to go, and it takes a solid hour to shower, dry and dress them. Today, I’m going to add some time to wash their hair, too. Thank God that the appointments are all in the afternoon now. Yesterday was at 11 am. Needless to say, we were a couple of minutes late.

I did make a trip to the Vitamin Shoppe yesterday, and purchased some new vitamins. I bought a once daily women’s vitamin that’s manufactured by the company Garden of Life. I like that it’s made with non-GMO ingredients. I also like that it comes in a glass bottle. No worries about chemicals from plastics getting into the tablets. In addition to the vitamins, I picked up some sleep aids. I tried one last night. It smells awful and it took a while to kick in. I feel pretty groggy today, too. I may try the other one tonight.

Our eating habits have been horrible this week. I did manage to make dinner for Mother’s Day, but that’s about it. I hate eating out so much, but by the time we get things done, I’m beyond exhausted, so we pick something up. Honestly, though, I’m getting tired of fast food. It’s nice for a little while, but then it loses its specialness. Eating out used to be a treat. Now it’s just an everyday occurrence. And can I say how much I miss a home cooked meal? I do have the stuff to make Dijon chicken, though. I could make that for supper.

All in all, I’ll probably pick up something tonight since it’ll be after 5 when we get home tonight. The plus side is that tomorrow we don’t have anything to do, so I can catch up on bills, get the menu together, and do some grocery shopping.

Until next time, stay healthy my friends! 😊

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