Resolutions: Weeks 28 & 29

Well, it’s been a bit since I wrote. Life has been crazy! 🤪 I weighed myself and the numbers are up again. 189.0. I would say part of that is water weight.

I’m having a lot of hot flashes this week, too, and I saw a lady doctor last week. She’s having me go through some lab work on this coming Monday to check my hormone levels. We’re trying to figure out exactly why my body is rebelling so much.

My caregivee is coming to the end of their therapy, but their wrist still hasn’t woken up, so on Monday we have a checkup with the surgeon. The physical therapist is recommending that they go to a hand specialist for specialized treatment.

Also, last week, our microwave went out, but we have a new one now. It’s wonderful!

I know this is a short update, but I haven’t given up. It’s just a bump in the road. Hopefully the lab results will show what’s going on with my body.

Until next time, stay healthy my friends! 🤗

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