Resolutions: Week 32

Okay. I’m a little upset at myself today. Weighed in this morning before breakfast, before coffee. The only thing I had was a little bit of water to take my medication. 191.6. 😱

I don’t know what’s going on, but this weight is gonna come off. The most I ever weighed was 195, and that was in high school. I said I’d never go back to that, and look. I’m almost there again.

Today I’m going to see if I can find maybe a Pilates video, or maybe a yoga session on tv that I can watch, because those two exercises have always gotten results for me. It’s too hot outside to go walking. I walked into the backyard on Saturday because I was burning some paper, and I immediately had sweat running down my face.

I digress. This weight though, y’all. It’s irritating. I don’t know. I’m making healthy meals, I’m watching the sugar intake. I guess I need to get cracking on this movement today.

Hopefully next week’s update will give a smaller number on the scale. Maybe it’s my new medication? I’ve actually been feeling pretty good since I started on it, and my face has been thinning out, too. I don’t know. I’m stumped.

I’m gonna get cracking on this exercise, so until next time……stay healthy my friends! 🤗

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