Resolutions: Weeks 33 & 34

Hello, my friends! I’m not entirely sure what happened to last week, but it flew by so fast that I forgot to post! I’ll make up for it today. 😁

I stepped on the scale today, and I have a 1 pound loss. 190.6 is my number today. Last week was so busy because of taking my caregivee to therapy and finishing up a blanket I made for a couple at church who are having a baby. The blanket is finished, though, and already in the hands of the couple. I had to hand stitch it together since I don’t have a sewing machine, and it took a couple of days to do that. I ended up binge watching Scooby-Doo, my favorite cartoon, while I worked on it. Here are the pictures of the front and back of the blanket.

Yep. The front is cross stitch, which I find extremely relaxing, and the back is just some cotton fabric I found at the craft store. Now that I’ve finished, I have another blanket to do, but it’s just for fun. No pressure to finish before a baby is born. 👍🏻 The one I’m working on now is stars and teddy bears. It’s gonna be adorable!

Therapy for my caregivee is going really well. They’ve been given some tools and exercises to do at home, and last week some movement in the wrist started happening. It was a very encouraging day for sure.

Today is a beautiful, rainy day. We’ve been up in the 90s with heat indexes in the triple digits, and today won’t go past 79. Fall is on its way! This week I’ve seen some leaves just starting to get hints of color to them. A little early for here, but I’ve also seen some wooly worms crossing the road, too. That’s supposed to hint at a hard winter. All of our seasons have come early this year, so maybe we’ll get and early fall and winter.

In other news, the weight loss journey has been a battle, but now that therapy is coming to the last few sessions, I’m increasing my cooking days. I try to cook on days when we don’t have therapy. Today is one of those days. I think I may put a lasagna in the oven. I have some garlic bread, and since it’s such a beautiful, rainy day, it’s perfect for some hot comfort food. Yes, I bought a pre-made lasagna, but it is made with non-GMO ingredients.

This past week, I also purchased one of this Roku streaming sticks, and I found some exercise channels, so I may do some of that today. Nothing too strenuous, but just something to stretch my muscles out. I love rainy days, but I have arthritis in my hip and spine, and they do not love rainy days. 😶 I find, though, that yoga and Pilates really do help me out. A local yoga studio does free sessions in the park downtown a couple of times a month. I had wanted to go to the session this past Saturday, but just couldn’t get up the guts to go. I may go the next time, though, if the weather holds up.

Well, it’s been a blast catching up with you and I listen to the rain beat down on our metal roof and sip my second cup of coffee, but I need to get my day going and help my caregivee finish dressing. Until next time, stay healthy my friends! 💕

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