Resolutions: Week 38

Well, I intended to write yesterday, but since my caregivee had therapy and I had a chiropractor appointment, it didn’t happen. Amongst that, I also had a birthday box to ship to my youngest niece, medication to pick up for my mom’s cat (it’s just a sedative to give her for vet visits), and also a trip to the pet store to pick up some anti-anxiety spray for my cat and my mom’s cat.

This Friday both cats have a checkup with the vet, and my mom’s cat, Cricket, is quite the pistol. It’s pretty bad when they flag her chart and everyone at the office knows who Cricket is. 😳 So, the last time they had a checkup, the vet suggested a sedative for her to make it easier for her and for the humans handling her. We shall give it a whirl! I hope it works.

I did weigh myself yesterday, and I weighed myself a few minutes ago, and the result is the same: 194. A gain. 👎🏻. Boo. I went to the chiropractor yesterday, though, and discussed my weight with her. She has just started a weight loss program, and I’m going to give it a shot. It’s pricey, but if it works the results will be a better lifestyle and a healthier and slimmer body. It does involve bloodwork. She’ll take a blood test to see if there are any food allergies or sensitivities that I may have. Once we know those results, we can get a better plan of how to approach my eating. So basically, we’re looking at it from the inside out. Is there a hidden allergy or sensitivity? Is this really fat or is it inflammation? What’s causing that inflammation if that’s the case? It’s healing the body, not just treating a symptom.

Today is kind of a day off for me. It’s not really a day off, but with no appointments to go to, I can focus on things here at the house. My biggest plan is to give the cats a bath. I want them squeaky clean for their checkup Friday.

On Monday, I washed the curtains in the living room and installed some new shades. I bought those honeycomb shades, and they were fun putting in. They’re cordless, and the fit was so snug that I couldn’t use the included brackets, so I got creative. One run to Dollar General later, I used picture hanging strips to hang them up. 😁 Each package of strips can hold 16 lbs, so I used one package per shade. It’s worked so far!

I’ve also ordered a slipcover for the couch since the cats have decided to shred the corners. I stop them when I can, but they’re smart enough to do it when everyone is sleeping.

I know this post has been long but I needed it. In spite of all I’ve accomplished this week, I feel pretty down about my weight, and I have this nagging feeling that I’m doing everything wrong. I’m not giving up though. I’m going to keep trying with the weight loss and getting my body healthier.

Until next time, stay healthy my friends! 🤗

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