Resolutions: Week 41

I’ve got some good news and some bad news. I’ll start off with bad so I can end on a good note.

The bad news is I decided not to continue with the weight loss program my chiropractor started. Money is a major issue. The day after I signed up, a rear wheel bearing in my car, the Blueberry, decided it wants to go out. I was going to drive my dad’s SUV, but when I was halfway to the store the brake light came on. 😱 Turns out a master cylinder needs replacing. So the SUV is parked until it’s fixed and safe to drive, and I’m just driving the Blueberry on an as needed basis. No outlandish trips and no night driving for a while. 😐

I also had another reason for dropping out. The food limitations. I misunderstood exactly what foods I had to cut out. No gluten, no dairy, no lunch meat, no coffee, grass fed beef only twice a month, and no sugar except for honey ( 1 Tbsp per day), stevia, or monk fruit. Those are some significant limitations.

Needless to say, it’s been a week of uh-ohs and oh craps. On the plus side, my best friend had deleted her Facebook due to a stalker and hadn’t told me she was doing that and I was getting worried about her, but she messaged me on Pinterest yesterday. She’s fine and safe. And now to what we’ve all been waiting for. My weight. The number is in and it’s 192.8. A 4.2 pound loss! I guess counting calories really helps, yeah? Probably because you feel so guilty logging that Reese’s cup or 5. I’m going to continue the detox cleanse thing, and I’m going to keep logging food and keep an eye on my cholesterol intake. That’s fairly high. As far as the other limitations though, I think I’ll skip that.

I guess that’s my update for this week. I’ve got to find something funny about life right now because I feel like sitting down and crying for about a week. I guess I’ll just pretend my Blueberry is a plane on the runway since it sounds like a jet engine when I’m driving. *krshhhh This is your captain speaking: Until next week, stay healthy my friends! Over and out. Krshhhh*

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