Resolutions: Week 43

193.6 is my weight today. A loss! I’ll take it! I actually remembered to weigh myself before eating breakfast, too, so that helps.

I know it’s only Tuesday, but we have officially started a new round of therapy. My caregivee is back to three times a week, so I’m going to be hopping again! I don’t mind, though, because that means that progress and healing are happening. It’s been a long year for my caregivee and I’ll be super excited to see them fully functional again. That will also free me up to look for work!

I splurged a little last week and ordered a wax warmer. I thought it’d be something nice to add to my bedroom. The wax melts I got are called Winter Cedar. I purchased them from the wellness company I talked about quite a few posts ago. Melaleuca Wellness Company. Y’all. It smells so good in my room right now. Definitely reminds me of winter, long walks in the snow, and bonfires.

Speaking of winter, this past Saturday I took a day off for myself. My car, the Blueberry, had been in the shop for a week due to a wheel bearing going bad, and I got it back on Friday evening. Much more damage done than originally thought. The whole drum had been chewed up, and so had the wheel speed sensor. Expensive but it runs like a dream now. I took Saturday and just bumped around town and got my new ornaments for the year!

I started this tradition several years ago, and what I do is I get ornaments that are reminders of different things I’ve done or different milestones I accomplished throughout the year. This year I purchased a sailboat ornament to remind me of going to see ‘The Adventures of Pericles’ in the park downtown, my traditional snowflake ornament, a red BBQ grill because we bought a really nice grill this year and have used it every Sunday since, and I bought an ornament that is a scrub top with a stethoscope and has little injured gingerbread men on it to commemorate my caregivee breaking their shoulder! Those are the ones I’ve gotten so far. Maybe I’ll end up getting a few more before Christmas comes. We shall see!

Today I’m hoping to get some work done on bills and maybe I can work on my cross stitch a little bit. I haven’t touched it in weeks. I’m just enjoying this day because I’m going to be hopping around till the end of the year at least. For now it looks like we won’t be going up north to visit family for Christmas, so I’ll have to make it extra special this year.

Love you all and until next time, stay healthy my friends!

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