Resolutions: Weeks 47, 48 & 49

Howdy folks! Long time no talk. That is most certainly my fault, and I do apologize. Life has been crazy around here as we get ready for Christmas.

My weight this morning was 194.0. I’m not happy about that, but my eating habits have been a little wonky lately. I broke down twice and made Hamburger Helper. Yes, they’ve taken out dyes and stuff like that, but it’s still a heavily processed food.

My doctor really wants me to try the keto diet. I’m not sold on it, though. Eating a high fat diet like that, all I can think is how awful my cholesterol would be.

So, my crazy life. Let’s see, Thanksgiving was interesting. My caregivee and I shared leftovers from Bojangles. Our local Salvation Army was going to serve a Thanksgiving dinner to the homeless, but the people who had volunteered to make the meal and serve it called them on Thanksgiving morning, just a couple of hours before the meal, and cancelled. Yep. Over 120 people were expected for dinner and they had nothing. The local news did kind of an emergency segment on it, and the community really turned up. They had tables piled high with food and casseroles and desserts. It was amazing.

My caregivee is working on getting a second opinion for their shoulder. This week they’ll finish up therapy for the year. That’ll be a bit of a blessing, as I’ll be able to work on cleaning the house and getting ready for Christmas. While we wait for the second opinion to call back, the therapist is going to give us some exercises to do at home until we can be seen.

In other news, the transmission in my car decided to bonk out on me. It had been shifting a little hard, and one day it didn’t want to go in reverse, so I took it in and got an oil change and a transmission flush. One week later, the transmission goes out. 😶 Can you say………..frustrated? And if you thought that was crazy, an animal of some sort decided to crawl underneath our house and pass away next to the heater, so now the house smells like a dead animal.

I’m telling you, life is never dull or boring here. I had gotten a cold, and then my cat caught it. I took her to the vet and they put her on some medicine. She’s feeling much better now, and she is lying next to me as I write this.

Well, breakfast isn’t going to make itself, and now I have three people in the house to cook for. I’m looking forward to better days ahead. Until next time, stay healthy my friends! 🤗

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