Weight Loss

So It Begins

Good Monday morning, people! I officially kicked off my weight loss routine this morning. I was worried about stepping on the scale. The last time I’d weighed myself I was pretty hefty. Today, I expected to see a 195 or higher, but I got a big surprise! 191.6! *happy dance* Thank you, Jesus!

After making my bed, starting the coffee maker and putting away my clean clothes, I began my exercise routine. I found it on Pinterest, and it’s supposed to be for 12 weeks. I have to confess that about halfway through the sit-ups I thought about quitting. I didn’t though! God gives us one body and we are supposed to be good stewards of it. I’ve been lax in that duty, and I’m trying to be a better caretaker of my body this year.

I’m enjoying my second cup of coffee now, and I’m about to go make some breakfast for myself and my mom. I’m going to try to get in my 64 oz of water today. Almost half of that is already accomplished. I got quite thirsty while exercising.

If you’re interested in seeing the exercise regimen I’m attempting, hop on over to my Pinterest! The link will be down at the bottom of the page under the “Follow Me” section. Just hit that big ‘P’, and it’ll take you directly to my Pinterest account. I only have one pin in my exercise board, and the board is called ‘Getting Fit’. I don’t quite think I’ll obtain the washboard abs that the model has on the pin, nor do I wish for that, but I’d like my tummy to not stick out so much!

One word of caution, though. If you decide to try this exercise routine as well (or any exercise routine), make sure you stay hydrated, and make sure you warm up before doing these exercises! Warm-ups and cool-downs are extremely important! Especially if you’re like me and haven’t used these muscles in a while.

Until next time, stay healthy my friends!

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