Christmas is Over

Welcome to Tuesday, my friends. Yesterday, I finally put the Christmas tree away. It was a depressing day to see the living room missing that gorgeous piece of greenery all decorated and lit. I was supposed to take it down on Saturday but couldn’t bring myself to do it. My official deadline, though, was yesterday.

I did manage to make it through 15 minutes of Pilates yesterday as well. The difference I felt between that and the exercise from last week was like night and day. My back didn’t feel jarred, I could walk after exercising, and although I’m sore today it’s manageable.

We have a lot of fog this morning. We are very unseasonably warm for this time of year. I believe it’s supposed to be 70 degrees today with thunderstorms. January is usually our winter weather month, so it’s been interesting to be able to go outside with just a jacket.

Also in my world, Clemson lost to LSU last night. I went to bed in the third quarter because I knew how it was going to go. I’m very disappointed. Clemson played very sloppy last night, and LSU didn’t deserve that trophy. They were cocky, rude, and kept doing things that would get the Clemson players in trouble. One player even got ejected from the game. I had been wondering what kind of team LSU was, but now I know. I’m definitely not a fan.

Now that my blood pressure is up, my next life question is this: What next? My mom doesn’t have a primary care doctor at the moment, so until she gets one trips to therapy don’t exist. I have a chiropractor appointment today and laundry is calling my name as well.

Well, that is my life update for the day. I have yet to get my first cup of coffee, so I better do that before I do anything else. Until next time, stay healthy my friends!🤗

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