Birthdays and Tacos

Happy Friday! It’s been a long week, but I’m glad to see the weekend looming.

Wednesday I was out and about all day shopping for my mom’s birthday. She turned 70 on Thursday, and I wanted to do something special for her. Since it’s only the two of us right now, she had mentioned wanting a low-key day, but I felt she needed a bit of celebrating. Especially with all the changes and struggles she’s had in the past year. I waited until she had gone to bed Wednesday night to begin my decoration spree. It was quite fun but exhausting and I found out that trying to be quiet while using a step ladder is possible, but it will leave you drenched in sweat. Once the room was decorated and the presents wrapped, I fell into bed.

I was hoping that she’d have a good night’s sleep because I wanted to see her face when she woke up and saw not only the decorations, but one of the presents I had bought. I found a chair at Hobby Lobby that is just her size. It was pricey, but not near as pricey as the other chairs I had looked at. It’s also very light! I was able to carry it for the almost 5-minute walk to my car without any help. If you want to see the chair I bought click here.

Back to the hopes and dreams of getting Mom’s reaction to her birthday room. Yeah. You can probably sense where this is going, but I’m taking you there anyways. Writing is like therapy to me and I need to get this out of my brain. I woke up kind of late–almost 8–and was worried that Mom was up already. Nope. She was still in bed snoring. I was so excited! Then I went into the living room and realized she’d been up already. I’d put her presents on her new chair and the presents had been moved and a pillow from the couch was on the chair. Turns out that she’d had a rough night dealing with the same type of hip pain I’ve been battling for a year, and she’d gotten up around 4 am and ended up going back to bed.

I didn’t get to see her initial reaction, but I can tell she really likes the chair, and she had a good birthday. A lot of people called her, a lot of people wished her happy birthday, and my dad had three dozen red roses delivered to her. She also got in an afternoon nap while I went and had my hair cut.

Now……..onto the tacos! I love tacos. They’re so much fun to eat! What I don’t love is all the sodium in taco seasoning packets. I’ve tried making my own taco seasoning in the past using different recipes from Pinterest, but when I’m pressed for time and may not have all the necessary spices, I need a quick go-to. I was so excited when I found an organic, non-GMO Southwest seasoning blend by McCormick. It was PERFECT for taco seasoning! Put a good tablespoon of that and about a 1/3 cup of water in when you’d usually put taco seasoning in the ground beef, and you were guaranteed a delicious and healthy taco meat. Unfortunately, I was going to post a link here to the seasoning blend, but guess what………’s been DISCONTINUED! NO! McCormick! Why hast thou forsaken me?! *Sigh* Oh well. I’ll have to go to my local grocery store and see if they have any left on the shelf.

This was not the ending I had in mind for this post. I was going to tell you about the taco seasoning and encourage you to find it in your local grocery store. Maybe you can still find some on the shelf. If so, please give it a try. It makes delicious taco meat. I hope you have a wonderful evening, my friends. I may still do some Pilates tonight. I didn’t get any done on Wednesday, but I walked probably a good mile or better with all the shopping I did. I went to one of those strip malls and parked in the middle of the lot and just walked every where. When I made a purchase, I’d walk back to my car, stuff my wares in the trunk and go back to shopping. I need to get in some kind of exercise either tonight or tomorrow morning, though.

Until next time, stay healthy my friends!

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