Wacky Weather and Busy Days

Hello my friends! Long time no write! It’s been quite the week.

First of all, my mom had a CT scan on Monday. It’s part of a couple of tests that the doctor is getting before they decide when to do surgery. She shattered her shoulder last year and long story short, the surgery hasn’t taken like it should. So back to surgery we go.

After the CT scan was over, we got home and I happened to look at my calendar and realized she had an eye appointment for that same day in just an hour or so. To say we were scrambling to get out the door and to the appointment would be a massive understatement.

Tuesday came with my legs so itchy I couldn’t stand it, so I made an appointment to see the doctor on Wednesday. I went and it turns out that something has inflamed my hair follicles. You know in the movie Despicable Me, one of the minions is like, “What?!” but he does it so funny? Yeah, that was my reaction. He gave me some meds and I have been taking them. So far, the itching is getting better and the little red bumps are clearing up. I do have one complaint. I keep waking up at three in the morning with uncontrollable itching. It drives me bananas!

Thursday was a do-nothing day. I had woken up at three in the morning itching and I ended up taking one of my meds for it. It knocked me out cold and I didn’t even stir until ten in the morning. We had thunderstorms and flood watches that turned into flash flood warnings and river flood warnings, and there was even a tornado! The tornado was about an hour from where I live, but still. It was something! Not a day to be out for sure. I think we ended up with somewhere around 4-5 inches of rain.

Friday was sunny but super windy. Mom had her first appointment with her new primary care physician. He seems like a really awesome guy compared to the last one. We grilled hamburgers for supper and then I started reading a book. My local library does a “Blind Date with a Book” every February. They wrap certain books up, and write the first sentence of said book on the wrapping. You choose the book by which sentence grabs you and take it home to read. It’s a good way to broaden your horizons. I try to cheat a little and decide which one will be a mystery. I did end up with a mystery but it’s a little morbid, even for me.

Today was a whole different enchilada. I woke up and it was freezing! A couple of hours later, it started to snow and it snowed pretty much the whole day. The snow didn’t stick to the roads, thank God, but it did stick to cars and the grass. I quite enjoyed it and had fun driving around grocery shopping and picking up supper. I made some homemade applesauce, and then ended my day by going to the laundromat. Apparently, the dryer has decided it wants a vacation. Unfortunately, today is also the day that my dad went back up north to visit his mom. We probably won’t see him for another three to four weeks. I sense some drying racks being used in my future. After the clothes were dry, I headed home, put some chicken in a bag to marinate for tomorrow’s dinner, and now I’m here unloading on y’all. Ha!

It’s been a busy week for sure, and it’ll get even busier as we get closer to whenever Mom has her second surgery, but God is good and He’s gonna get us through it. If He could get us through a wacky week like this, then He definitely can get us through whatever lies ahead. Until next time, stay healthy my friends and watch out for crazy weather!

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