Am I on Earth?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, my friends! Don’t forget to wear green or face the dreaded pinch! I’ve experienced quite a few of those in my time.

I hadn’t realized that it’d been a while since I’d written. I guess time flies when you’re having fun. In my case, I think it was time flies when you’re trying to find toilet paper! What has happened to America? I don’t remember hearing the CDC or the President tell people to go crazy and buy out all the toilet paper. I do remember them saying get a couple extra hand sanitizers and some disinfectant and wash your hands.

I guess people forgot that and translated it into “Buy ALL the toilet paper so no one else will get any!” Seriously?! Yeah, I’m ranting but for someone who actually is running low on that stuff, it’s tough running around town looking for it. Come on people! Wash your hands, don’t step into people’s personal space and use a tissue when you sneeze or cough. Rant over.

In other news, I went to the doctor about my itching again and he decided it was an allergic reaction. The remedy? Elimination diet. My mom and I put a simple menu together for the next month so that if I’m still itching, then it’ll be easier to eliminate what the issue could be. I’ve already found half the problem. Laundry detergent. The company we use, Melaleuca, recently updated the formula to their detergent to make it more concentrated. Apparently, it’s too strong for my body. I’ve switched over to using Seventh Generation laundry detergent and that seems to be helping.

The weight loss isn’t going that great right now. I’ve gained weight again. It’s a struggle to lose weight. I used to not have that problem, but I sure have it now. I wonder if that’s due to being in my 30s or if it’s because of my hypothyroidism or a combination of both.

I think today’s goal is to help my mom do some birthday shopping for my nephew and my Gram. One has a birthday later this month and the other is early next month. Both live quite a distance away, so getting stuff ordered and sent needs to be done fairly early.

Tacos are tonight’s supper. I have yet to order the tortilla press, so until then I’ll eat crunchy tacos. I don’t mind crunchy ones, but I prefer tortillas. I’ll probably try to get some laundry done, too. I just realized my favorite sweater is in the hamper. 😶 I was going to wear it today. Oh well. I still have lots of options. Especially green ones.

So Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Wear your green, drink responsibly if you partake in alcohol, and keep your hands clean. Until next time, stay healthy my friends! 🤗

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