Happy Monday, folks! It’s a beautiful sunny morning. We had a good soaking last night, and my flower garden is full of little green sprouts.

It was a bit chilly yesterday and there’s still a nip in the air, so I have a sweater on. Laundry is going, coffee is hot and I’ve been making progress on a new crochet attempt. I learned how to make a hexagon, and now I’m trying to put them together to make a lap blanket.

I also got a notification that the stuff I ordered to finish my cross stitch blanket is on its way! It’s going to look so cute! I can’t wait to finish and show y’all a picture. I don’t have a sewing machine so it’ll be hand stitched.

You know, after all this is over, maybe I’ll have lost a bit of weight! 😁 I’m eating a salad for lunch, and I haven’t been eating near as much food. Sure, I’ve had the munchies, but I purposefully didn’t buy a ton of junk food. I’m also shopping at different places than normal. Aldi has been a lifesaver.

That’s about all that’s going on here. No doctor appointments to go to, no running around like a crazy chicken. It’s been a nice break, really. I hope y’all are doing well. Until next time, stay healthy and safe my friends! 🤗

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