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Summer, Where are You?

Happy Lunch Time, friends! At least, that’s what time it is here. It’s been a minute since I wrote. I honestly thought I’d written last week, but I was mistaken!

The weather here has been pretty standard for this time of year. Summer was starting to happen. Mid-80s in the temperatures, 65% and up in the humidity range. Then yesterday we had some pretty nasty weather roll through and I think I could probably do with a sweater today!

Laundry is my agenda for today as well as making homemade taquitos for supper. I’m really hoping the taquitos turn out.

In other news, my mom and I are back on the weight loss wagon. I’ve lost a couple of pounds without really trying, so there’s still hope! Mom has lost a few pounds as well. I’m thinking that part of it is the food we’re eating. I’m not buying a ton of snacks at the store every week and I’m actively searching for healthier recipes to cook. My biggest issue is water intake. Mom’s issue is carbs.

Did I mention that I have a new computer now? If I didn’t, then here it is. My parents bought me a used laptop for my birthday. It’s probably a year or two old, but it’s so much faster than my old one, and bigger too! I love it! It also has a webcam, so if I were to start a vlog I wouldn’t have to buy a camera. I’m still on the fence about YouTube, but it seems they’re having a lot of issues right now. I take that as a sign to stay away for the moment. Other options would be starting a podcast. I’m not sure how that would fare though. I could look into podcasts and such.

Other than the surprise cold snap, it’s been starting to normalize here. My state is pretty much opened back up with a few restrictions. I’m waiting for the times when hair stylists won’t require face masks for appointments. My gardens are getting watered by the rain. I hope my fruits and veggies survive, though! I haven’t been out for a couple of days, so I need to go check them out and see if any sprouts are up. My fingers are crossed that everything is okay. The flower garden is starting to pop up more greenery, but no flowers yet. I guess it needs more time.

I did finish my first quilt ever with my new sewing machine! It turned out pretty dandy for my first quilt!


Pretty nifty, eh? My cat really loves it. It’s covered in black and white hair now. I still have a ton of fabric left, but I may be sending some of that to one of my nieces. She is wanting to learn how to sew and quilt and her mom will be teaching her this summer. My sister is much more accomplished and talented in the sewing department than I am. I’m the cross-stitcher of the family and she is the seamstress. I need to start looking for another cross-stitch quilt to do. Since I have my new machine, finishing will be a breeze compared to past quilts. After the cross-stitch portion is done, I could probably finish one in a day or so instead of the two or three days it takes for hand-stitching a quilt together. I’m so excited!

Well, that’s my update for today, folks. Until next time, stay healthy my friends!

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