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Hello, my friends! How are you on this fine Wednesday? I realized today that a podcast may just not be right for me right now, so I am going to keep my focus on the blog. Besides, I don’t want to abandon all you fine folk!

You probably are wondering about my blog title today. It was originally my podcast topic, and I tried for several hours today to make it and get it up and running, but I kept getting blocks and obstacles of all kinds, so here we are. When you can’t talk, write, yes?

I saw a poll last week that nearly 40% of parents who are homeschooling their kids due to the ‘Rona, are seriously considering homeschooling for the next school year! That’s of lot of new homeschoolers who may need some helpful resources. As a former homeschooler, I can help!

First of all, if you’re just interested in homeschooling, I’d suggest attending a homeschool convention. They really have those, and there’s a site out there that I think may help you out! Great homeschool conventions dot com is a great site. They have regional conventions, so you can find one to attend near you (in the US, at least), and I saw on their homepage that they have an online convention as well. Probably due to ‘Rona, but awesome nonetheless. Click here to check out their site!

Second, if you’re set on homeschooling but need a resource for curriculum, Christian Book dot com is probably the best website ever! Yes, all their curriculum is faith-based, but they have loads of options, and their prices are wholesale not retail. A couple of times a year they have a homeschooling flash sale, too, so you can save even more. A plus side is that Christian Book has more than just homeschooling things too. There’s gifts, church supplies, music, movies, children’s books, games and toys as well as books for adults of all kinds of topics. You can check out the site here!

Lastly, but certainly not least, if you’re already homeschooling, I’d suggest looking into Homeschool Legal Defense. They are a fantastic organization with resources to really help you out, including if you have a special needs child. There’s helpful links for homeschooling in your state as well, so give them a looksy! You can find their site here!

There you are, folks! Helpful resources for you or friends or family who are considering homeschooling. I recommend it highly, and if you’re wondering if there are certain curriculum I’d suggest, I’ll tell you: You can’t go wrong with Saxon math. Nor can you go wrong with Abeka English.

That’s all for today! I have spaghetti on the stove and it’s about to overcook. I hope you give these links a look, and feel free to share with friends and family. Love you all and until next time, stay safe my friends!

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