Flowers, Veggies, Cats & Curls

Happy Friday, my friends! I hope y’all are doing well. It’s a beautiful sunny morning here, and I’ve got a hot cup of delicious coffee! Can you tell the caffeine is doing its job?

I finally got some pictures of my gardens! I felt like the flowers were doing well enough to share photos of them.

The nasturtium is in the middle of all this. Don’t mind the path the cats have created.
Up close of the zinnias!
My happy little (not so little) moonflower!

The flower garden is actually quite large, but I chose three of the better pictures to share with you! I was looking at the veggie garden as well, and took some cool pictures of that as well.

Between the marigolds are jalapenos. Next is a couple of bell peppers, then carrots, then cherry tomato plants.
One cucumber didn’t survive, but the one that did (on the left) is thriving! Cherry tomatoes to the right.
Left bottom is a cantaloupe, and the other two are watermelon.

I know the garden seems a little sparse, but it is a small bed and I wanted to have plenty of room for the melons.

Onto the cats. One of the two we intentionally feed had five kittens. They are nine days old. I have to admit, they’re adorable, but we really need to find homes for them when they’re old enough. Or get the animal shelter here involved. A neighbor came to our house yesterday asking about a mama cat she saw in her yard. It wasn’t one of ours, but we told her about the whole neighbor-won’t-get-her-cats-fixed situation. She told us another neighbor had trapped a few and gotten them fixed, but her parents had trapped 60 cats. 60! Yeah. It’s a real issue around here. Unfortunately, the animal shelter isn’t open at the moment due to the ‘Rona, or I’d be trap happy. Before you get up in arms, though, our local shelter is a no-kill shelter. They only humanely euthanize animals that are too sick. They have a program called TNR where you can trap cats, bring them in and they’ll spay or neuter, de-worm and vaccinate them and release them back to your property. It’s almost free. All you have to pay is the cost to rent a trap, which is $25 per trap.

I think that I’ll be reaching out to the shelter soon to see if we can start getting the ball rolling to get these cats fixed. It’ll be better for everyone, and I won’t have to keep burying cats in my back yard.

For the curls. Y’all. I wish you could see me right now. I have rag curls in my hair. I had a whimsy last night to do rag curls after I got out of the shower, and looked up how to do them on YouTube. I’m kind of scared to take them out. *insert pause while I deal with this*

So………..half the rag curls worked and the other half failed miserably. My hair is so thick now due to the curls that it took me a bit to wrangle the hair into a halfway decent style. Not gonna lie. I don’t really want to go out today with this hair, but alas I need to go grocery shopping. If I could insert emojis from my computer I would. It would be the facepalm. LOL

I put ONE picture of this catastrophe on Instagram. Y’all. I’ve got to figure out a way to fix this. I can’t go in public like this. If you want to follow me on Instagram, somewhere on this page is a ‘Follow Me’ section. Feel free to click the link. OMG. I can’t with this hair today. Y’all have a laugh on me. Someone needs a good laugh today. I’ve gotta go fix this.

Love y’all, take care and until next time, stay healthy my friends.

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