Never A Dull Moment

Happy Tuesday, my friends!

As the title of this post goes, there truly is never a dull moment in this household. We lost one of the kittens last night. I don’t know if it was sick, or if a tomcat got a hold of it, but there are now four kittens. ☹️

The other ones are doing quite well. A couple of them look like they may have a little eye infection going on. Their eyes are opening, though, and their ears. They are also starting to move around a lot, so I may invest in a little playpen to keep them from falling off the porch.

The gardens are doing quite well. The marigolds are really popping, the zinnias have taken off. I haven’t checked the moonflower, but what I can see from my bedroom window is very pretty. The veggie garden is doing well, too! I have a cucumber growing! I’m so excited!

As for my health………well………I’ve somehow sprained my back and left hip. How? By bending over to pet my mom’s cat. I did that the other day and when I bent over, something popped in my lower back and hip, and I’ve been miserable since. That first day nothing touched the pain. Not heat, not ice, not pain reliever. Nothing. I couldn’t sit or stand or lay down. It was excruciating. I spent yesterday on the couch with ice packs. Last night I was lying in bed, and I needed to turn over. When I finally did I felt four or five significant pops in my spine, and the pain has started to subside ever since. I can limp around today, but I can’t bend over without pain to pick up the numerous things I keep dropping. 🙄

Other than that, life continues. I see that sometime this week, the southeastern US will be experiencing some hazy weather due to Saharan sandstorms. I’m telling ya. This year is one for the record books!

Well, that is my update for today. I need to limp my booty out to the mailbox and unstuff it. I also am considering hobbling into Wally World to see if they have a playpen I can purchase.

Until next time, stay healthy my friends and don’t sprain your backs from petting cats! 🐈🤗

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