When the Night Has Come

Greetings, my friends. Summer is in full swing in my area now. Temperatures are in the 90s, humidity is high, and no one wants to be out and about during the day.

This past week was rough. We lost four of the kittens. Their bodies just were too frail to fight their respiratory virus. We tried everything to save them, but nothing worked. They didn’t all pass on the same day, thank God. That would’ve sent me over the edge. We have a small cat carrier in the house and we set it up as our little hospice center. It wasn’t meant to be that, but that’s what happened.

I spent a lot of time crying last week. It was just too much. I’d get attached to a kitten, and then it’s health would go south almost overnight and it’d pass away. The last one that passed, I named him Mortimer, was a beautiful black kitten with black striping. He looked like a black lion. I loved him so much and he fought so hard. He passed away in my arms. Just thinking about it makes me cry. Rest In Peace Binky, Big Boy, Mouse and Mortimer. I need to change the subject.

I’ve been working on a lap blanket for my mom and finished the major portion of it today. All that’s left is edging. I’ve also lost 9.9 pounds now! I’ve broken the 190 mark. My mom asked me to weigh her today, and I weighed myself as well. 188 was my number!

The garden is doing well. I’ve made 4 pints of pickles so far. The tomato plants are so loaded with tomatoes, I’m going to have to get some heavy duty fencing to put around them. They’re about ready to snap from the load. The carrots didn’t grow very well, but I have a small ziplock bag of them in the fridge. The pepper plants finally got some blooms, and I have about 5 melons growing away!

That’s about all the update I have for today. We did get one of the mother cats, Thelma, fixed! One down, two to go. The shelter got us an appointment to have her spayed when we took the kittens in to be checked. That’s when we had 8 of them. The shelter kept one because it was so lethargic, but gave us antibiotics for the rest. Now we have 3 babies left. A brown striped one that looks just like my mom’s cat Cricket, a black and white one that reminds me of the cartoon cat, Sylvester, and Mortimer’s sister, Myrtle. I had originally thought that Mortimer was a girl, and I was calling him Moaning Myrtle after the character in Harry Potter, but then I found out he was a boy and ended up calling him Mortimer. Myrtle looks almost identical to Mortimer.

Anyways. That’s been my week. Lots of tears. Lots of anger over losing the little kittens. Exhaustion. Wondering why life has to be so sour right now. I know the kittens are in a better place. I hope I’ll get to see them again someday. They all had a special place in my heart. I’m still working with the 3 left. Making sure they’re getting fed, and interacting with them so they’ll be used to people. Once the mothers wean them, we’re going to have the moms spayed. The shelter gave us some formula with extra immunity nutrients, and it seems to be helping. They’re getting old enough to eat kitten food, so we’ve bought some of that as well.

Life goes on my friends. I’m definitely in need of some encouragement and prayers this week. Last week just drained me to no end. If you think about me, would you ask God to send me some encouragement? I know good things are happening, but I’m in a bit of a hole right now.

Love you all and until next time, stay healthy my friends.

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