What Day is This?

Happy Day, my friends. I keep thinking today is Tuesday, but it is actually Wednesday. We lost two kittens. 😭 Myrtle and Sylvester just couldn’t fight the infection anymore. They fought hard, too. Sylvester passed last Saturday, and I found Myrtle yesterday morning when I went out to feed everyone and give the kittens their medicine.

So now we are down to just one kitten. Sassafras. Sassy for short. She’s a fighter, too, but I don’t know if she’ll make it either. I actually expected to be burying her this morning, but she did rather well! She pranced right up to the door so I could pick her up and give her some loving. If she survives, she’ll most likely be blind or have very poor vision. She loves to be held, though.

On a completely different topic, my weight loss is going okay. I weighed myself this morning and the scale read 187.0. Two-tenths of a pound lost since the last weigh-in. I’m trying something different. It’s called intermittent fasting. I give myself 12 hours of time where I have opportunity to eat, and then I make sure that I have 12 hours of no eating at all. It sounds horrible, but I leave the fasting for when I go to bed. 🙂 For example, the last couple of days, I don’t eat anything after 7 pm. Tough, but I’ve been going to bed around 9. When I wake up, I take my medicine, and then I eat after 7 am.

I’ve heard that some people go as long as 72 hours with their fasts. My thoughts on that? 😱 I definitely could NOT do that. I like to eat. I have been moving around more, though. The garden has been a great source of both exercise and comfort. I have several melons growing, tons of tomatoes growing, and it looks like maybe a good bit of peppers may come in as well. I’ve already made four pints of pickles, but it looks like I may be making more soon. I ordered some bread and butter pickling spice so I can have a variety of flavor.

I’m also making progress with another blanket. I’m close to halfway done, and this one is being knit. I found a method of casting on stitches using a crochet hook, and it has been exceedingly helpful.

All in all, life has been busy and bittersweet. We’ve had a couple of intense thunderstorms, which was comforting to me. I find thunderstorms comforting in a way. Kind of like God acknowledging that He understands the grief I feel over the loss of all those kittens.

I’ve also been experiencing a kick-up of paranormal activity in our house. It usually gets more active around this time of year, but it’s been exceedingly more active than last year. So much so that I actually woke up thinking there were people in my room. My mom saw two shadow figures coming out of her bathroom, and my cat apparently saw them too and started howling and hid under the bed. Always something going on around here!👻

That’s my update for this week, my friends. I’ve been battling depression this week, so if you think of me, please say a prayer. I could really use the encouragement. Love you all and until next time, stay healthy my friends. ❤️

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