Goodbye, July!

Hello, my friends. Welcome to August. May it bring better days than July did.

Sassy passed away the morning after I wrote the last post, and then just days later, on July 30, we had to put my mom’s cat, Cricket, to sleep. She had been pretty lethargic and I was concerned maybe she had caught whatever the kittens had, but when we took her to the vet, he ran some tests and she was in end-stage kidney failure. She was already on a special diet for kidney care, so I guess it was inevitable, but it was so unexpected. Especially after having to bury all those kittens.

Cricket was 14 years old. She was a spitfire to the end. They had to sedate her just so they could put the I.V. in to put her to sleep. The vet offered to arrange for us to be in the room with her since they’re only allowing animals inside due to COVID, but since she was already sedated we chose to remember her without the tubes. She wouldn’t have known we were there, and we both had had a feeling she wasn’t going to make it. Mom had said her goodbyes at the house. I’m still kind of saying my goodbyes.

I do believe her spirit is here at the house. I’ve caught myself hearing the sound of her claws tapping on the floor, and I’ve felt the pressure of her laying on my feet at night in bed. The vet made a clay imprint of her paw and gave it to us as a keepsake. I’ve also ordered a couple of other keepsakes as well.

We found her under some bushes the night of my high school graduation party, and I thought God had sent me a kitten. My sister promptly locked Cricket in her room and tried to bond with her, but Cricket had other plans. She chose my mom and they were best buds to the end.

I don’t know your theology on animals, and there are some Christians out there who will disagree with me, but I firmly believe that animals go to heaven. I believe that I’ll see Cricket again, along with the kittens, our dog, Sniffers, and the other cats we’ve had through the years- Bootsie, Blossom, and Chimney. I wrote a little saying on the memorial plaque I ordered for mom. It says: Grateful for the time give- Hopeful for the future reunion.

In other news, the outer bands of Isais is moving through our area, and our microwave is leaking rainwater. 😶 I’m telling you, I think Job and I will be good friends when we meet someday. I’m not giving up on God. He’s allowed this sorrow, but I know that someday I’ll have some joy.

Until then, I’ll just keep trucking along and living life the way God wants me to. And spoiling my cat, Gracie, who has not yet figured out that Cricket has passed. She’s not really the brightest bulb in the box. I love her to bits, though. Love you all and I’ll see ya next time. Stay healthy my friends.

Rest In Peace, Cricket. April 26, 2006-July 30, 2020.

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