Friday Vibes

Good morning my friends! You get an extra post this week!

I’ve been up since five this morning and it’s just shy of noon here. We have some pretty heavy duty weather that’s supposed to be rolling in today, and my back is protesting it. To get my mind off things, I’ve put Christmas tree scented wax in the wax warmer, Christmas music on Spotify, and I’m praying for cooler weather.

I know today is Friday, but it’s got the vibes of a Saturday to me. I ordered groceries through Instacart and they came about 25 minutes ago. I overdid it on the meat order, I think. I bagged it up into meal portions and I have 12 meals of meat! 😳😱 I guess I’m set for a couple of weeks on that! My mom and I can eat one steak between us, and I got three. I’m planning on steak, baked potatoes and a salad for Sunday dinner.

One bright side of getting groceries today is that tomorrow I can work on putting the marinades together for the week or two. 😂 I honestly didn’t mean to get that much meat. My internal scale is off, I guess. I was shocked about the price of cherries! They’re supposed to be in season right now, but almost $8 per pound! 😱

In other news, my moonflower has its first flower! I got a picture of it last evening as it was opening up.

So pretty! I was too tired to stay up till it was dark to get a picture of it completely open. There are quite a few more buds, too.

I’m also getting close to finishing the first part of the couch I’m crocheting. I may end up getting more yarn, but I hope not. It takes forever to get here and the local stores don’t carry the color. I don’t remember if I told you, but my cousin asked me to make her daughter a couch for her dollhouse. Apparently, she has one of those American Girl dolls and my cousin saw my Facebook post about possibly making a couch for my cat. It spiraled from there. 😂 I have the couch pillows done and I’m working on the bottom of the couch now. I hope to have it finished before Christmas. Say a prayer I do get it done, though, and that it looks good.

Other than that, the groceries are in, the bills are paid, I’ve found a home for the piano. My neighbor’s nephews are coming to help move it today. It’s a good day today. I’m still battling depression but I’m leaning on God and letting Him walk me through this ravine.

Love you all and until next time, stay healthy my friends!🤗

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