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Happy Friday

Good morning, my friends! I hope y’all are well. This week has been interesting in terms of weather. We’re getting close to our fall, so the temps are fighting with each other. Yesterday was 84, but today is only 71. Yesterday was sunny and warm, today is cloudy and cool.

Of course, we’re also expecting to get some of Storm Delta this weekend as well, so it’ll be interesting to see how that goes.

The flower bed has been turned up. I pulled up the last of the flowers save for the moonflower plant and one begonia that is holding on tightly to life. Then I plopped down five bags of soil/fertilizer mix. That was rough on the ol’ spine. I made it, though, thank God! Yesterday, I made another trip to the garden center and was originally going to buy some stone steps to put down, but they were way too heavy. I’d have never been able to finish without doing some sort of damage to my back. Instead, I opted for some recycled rubber pavers that are also reversible! I used my handy dandy leveler to make sure everything was solid, then I brought the shepherd’s crook and the birdbath back up front. All in all, it looks pretty awesome! The birdbath probably needs replacing, but that’s not a super pressing issue.

The reason I was doing all that is to prepare for the rose bushes and the bulbs. So far, the order date keeps getting moved back, which concerns me. I’d like to get them planted before the first frost. My hope is that the flower bed will bring smiles to all who see it. I can now see the bird feeder from my window, so I know my cat Gracie will enjoy that. She’ll be able to lay on my bed and watch the birds eat and bathe.

On a completely different note, though, I have found a very tasty dish! It’s a great breakfast or even a healthy dessert! Here’s what you do: Take about a half cup of Cabot vanilla bean yogurt, add a drained cup of Del Monte diced peaches (or dice a peach yourself), sprinkle a few Golden Grahams on top ( I used the knock-off brand), and then sprinkle a little cinnamon on top. Mix it together and enjoy! Tastes like peach cobbler to me! I love it! I ran out of peaches, so I chopped a banana in it this morning. Just as tasty! Filling, but healthy.

Well, that’s my update for today. I’ll put a couple of snips of the roses and bulbs I ordered so you can see what colors I’ll be working with. I’d like to eventually have several flower beds growing in the front for different focal points throughout the season. Bulbs in the spring, wildflowers during the summer, roses in the late summer and fall, and two planters with seasonal blends for every season. 🙂

The rose bushes are Frida Kahlo Floribunda roses. I have no idea what all that means. They were the only ones left in stock, and since I’ve ordered them, they’ve been back-ordered.

The hyacinths are called grape hyacinths. Again, the bulbs I had originally planned to order were completely sold out, so I had to mix and match.

The tulips are just a mixed bag of colors. There’s only 50 of them, but there are 100 hyacinth bulbs. It’s going to be quite the flower bed! I’m praying that God will bless it, and that everything will come out beautiful!

That’s all for now! Until next time, stay healthy my friends and give someone a smile today! You never know who could really use one.

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