Saturday Musings

Good morning, my friends. I think I’m on version five or six of this post today. I’ve been writing and rewriting steadily for the past hour or so. I took a break to feed the cats, but I’m back at it.

It’s a bit nippy this morning! Last I checked, it was in the 40s. I’m currently on coffee number two which has now gone cold. Thank God for cozy days!

Yesterday was a long day, folks. I went to the next town over to pick up a battery for my dad’s car. Then I came home, my neighbor installed it, I went back to the store with the old battery, went to the post office, did some laundry, went to the bank and sat in line for probably 45 minutes. The line was going pretty fast until the car in front of me got to the window. I don’t know what kind of banking they had to do, but it took forever. I was stuck, though, because there were four or five cars behind me. On top of that, one of the ATM machines was down and there were three technicians from another state working on it. It was quite the day.

Today should (hopefully) be a little more simple. Groceries, laundry, recycling, with the end of the day bringing me either pizza or hot wings. Today might be a hot wing day.

I received some sad news this week. My roses and bulbs order keeps having the shipping date pushed back, even though everything is in stock. I had this gut feeling that maybe it wouldn’t ship. They notified me this week that they are no longer going to ship the hyacinths. They didn’t say why, but they refunded me the money for them. I ordered these things on October 3. Now the company is saying that it won’t be until October 19-29 until they ship, even though everything is in stock. I was trying to figure out why they’re continually pushing the date back, but my mom commented that since the company is in Michigan, maybe they’re having a hard time fulfilling orders due to their lock-down restrictions. I hadn’t thought of that. I have a whole rant on all of that, but I’ll keep it to myself. That’s a rant-in-the-car kind of thing.

Anyhoo. Now that the sun is up, I can work a little bit on laundry and getting the groceries ordered. Maybe get my hair washed.

Love you all and until next time, stay healthy my friends!

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