Winter is Here

Happy December, my friends! Winter decided to show up yesterday. Our high was in the mid to low 40s and our low was in the 20s. Couple that with a brisk wind and it was nippy! I had to break out my earmuffs and my warm sweaters.

I hope y’all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Mine was quite delightful. Everything cooked smoothly, and the turkey actually finished cooking a good hour and a half before it was supposed to be done. I did overcook the yams, but they were still edible. The apple-blueberry relish was a hit and my mom requested it for Christmas dinner. The green beans with bacon was a big hit. There was barely any left to put in a bowl for later. What I did with them was I opened a bag of frozen cut green beans. The bag was about 10 oz. Then I chopped half a package of bacon and cooked it till it was just cooked through. Not too crispy now. Tossed the bacon and bacon drippings on top of the frozen green beans, sprinkled some minced onion on top and then slow cooked it together for four hours. Delicious!

The turkey came out moist and super flavorful. There were a few dry pieces of turkey, but I believe that in the future I’ll brine the turkey. The flavor was amazing! I could taste the allspice and the sage.

Now, the Christmas tree is up and decorated and I’m already planning Christmas dinner.

I did have a surprise in my banking account yesterday. A company I’ve used in the past, EMeals, took out a year’s subscription. I haven’t used EMeals in probably a year because it was just too gourmet for picky eaters. I also found that a lot of the time I had to make quite a few adjustments for the different eating habits. It just wasn’t worth the money or effort anymore. (Or the complaints about ‘fancy food’) I have reached out to the company but apparently I have to physically call them and get this sorted out. Pray for me peeps. Sixty dollars is a lot of money, and I could really use it right now.

That’s my update for now. I have bills to pay and menus to plan and so forth. You know… stuff. Love you all and until next time, stay healthy my friends.

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