Busy Lizzi

Today’s Bible Reading- Genesis Chapters 9-11 & Matthew Chapter 4

Good morning, my friends. It’s been a busy morning already, and as I write this, it’s just 9:30 in the morning. I woke up around 6:30 and have been moving since my feet hit the floor.

So far, my accomplishments for today are the bed sheets are changed, the pillows are washed and in the dryer, the cats are fed (inside and outside), a load of dishes were washed, mom’s breakfast was put in the oven, and I made myself breakfast. I’ve also showered, gotten my hair washed, got dressed and read my Bible. Whew!

Last night’s supper was supposed to be copycat Long John Silver’s chicken. The batter came together beautifully, I dredged the chicken through and popped it in the air fryer. Waited for a while and opened the fryer up. Nope. This recipe is NOT for air fryers. I pulled the chicken out, washed the air fryer, and rooted in my cupboard for some oil. I had just enough canola oil left that I could use to fry the chicken. Attempt number two of frying the chicken began.

Let me tell ya, that second attempt went so much better. The chicken really did look like Long John Silver’s planks. Unfortunately, the batter was so bland! I would definitely double the amount of garlic powder and onion powder they asked for, and maybe even add in some other spices. I don’t know. It just had very little flavor at all. I’ll make it again sometime, but I need a break from the grease. At least I know now that it’s not an air fryer recipe.

Breakfast is the same as yesterday except I added some cheese to my sausage. It helps a lot. I save the muffin for last because it’s just so delicious! I’m going to see what I need to make zucchini muffins, and make some myself.

My goals for today are to finish the laundry and clean out the curbside trash can. Last week when we had our gully washer of a rain storm, the wind blew the lid open (thank God it was empty) and there’s several inches of rain water in there. I brought it to the side of the house, and have been waiting for the proper weather to deal with it. Today is that day. It’s supposed to be in the 60s today and it’s sunny, so it’ll be just right to clean it out.

I know I don’t have much planned for today, but laundry takes a while. I’m also considering working on Mom’s blanket. She was asking me about it the other day. I have all the pieces cut out. I just need to sew it all together. In other news, I have recently found out that I’m going to be an aunt for the sixth time, so I should probably work on a cross-stitch blanket I have going as well. I have many projects in the fire that I need to finish. Hopefully, I can finish them all so I can focus on learning how to knit socks. 🙂

Speaking of socks, I found the yarn yesterday! I also found the knitting needles I need. The yarn was on sale for $1.99 a skein! *happy dance* The knitting needles were not on sale, but I don’t have needles in the size necessary to make socks. Bummer. Oh well. At least I’ve got it all ordered.

On top of all that, I took the mason jars off the roses today so they can get some fresh air. I’ve had the jars on them to protect them from the cold. My mom suggested doing that. It’s like a little greenhouse effect on them. They are super healthy right now! The leaves are a dark forest green, and the stems are strong. I’m very pleased with their progress! Seeing as how our spring will be coming in the next few weeks, I’m eager to find out if the tulips will come up as well.

Well, enough rambling from me today. I have things to do and cat puke to clean up. Apparently, my cat does not care for shrimp. I gave her a bit of the cat food I gave to the cats outside. Cod, sole and shrimp. Blech. 😐 The cats outside liked it except for one. I think she may have an allergy to shrimp. She’s been acting sick since I gave them that particular flavor. Gracie, however, enjoyed it, but I don’t think her stomach appreciated what her taste-buds liked. I’ve got a few piles of urp to clean up.

That’s all for now, folks! Love you all and until next time, stay healthy my friends. ❤

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