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Yesterday’s Bible Reading- Genesis Chapters 12-17 & Matthew 5
Today’s Bible Reading- Genesis Chapters 18-19 & Matthew 6

Hello, my friends. My apologies for not writing yesterday . The day was a bit……..overwhelming, to say the least. I had high hopes that the obvious election fraud caught on camera and the thousands of signed affidavits would be enough for the House & Senate to say hey, let’s take those contested states and just redo the vote without the machines, or give them a way to count the true ballots without the Dominion machines. I mean, goodness gracious.

I was excited that President Trump was going to speak. I felt that he would encourage the patriots who were growing weary of the battle for a free and fair election. When he announced the march to the Capitol, I thought, hey, maybe they’ll let the people in and we can hear the vote in real time. That wasn’t to be. The patriots gathered at the Capitol, but then Mike Pence betrayed us all. Now, there are a lot of the mainstream media who are showing clips of nothing but chaos. I was watching several live streams of people on the ground there, and it wasn’t chaos. There were a group of people at the front who started it all. Those particular people were wearing masks, camouflage and helmets. The people I was watching weren’t. In the aftermath, windows were broken, four people lost their lives, and the mainstream media labeled Trump supporters domestic terrorists.

I’d like to ask them where that label was over last summer when cities burned? I watched a guy come over to someone filming and he’d recorded on his phone police escorting three or four busloads of Antifa members in. The live streams I watched, the majority of the people there were just calmly walking around. I saw the police on the Capitol remove the barriers and let people in. After that, the chaos started. The whole thing smells like a setup. They wanted us to riot. They wanted us to burn the place to the ground so they’d have a reason to go after us. The people who broke the windows and things like that should get in trouble, okay? I’m not condoning that, but don’t hang this all on Trump supporters.

Now, instead of letting the states that are contested have a forensic audit of the votes, the people in the House and Senate have become dictators and won’t allow it. They rigged the election and when it was revealed, they went to great lengths to cover it up. Now, you can agree with me or you can disagree with me. That’s fine. We’re all adults here. I’m just reporting things from my perspective.

I am angry. I am frustrated. I feel betrayed. Did you know that one of Biden’s picks for his administration wants to put Christians and conservatives in concentration camps? He called them “re-education camps”, but it’s the same thing. Did you know another of his picks doesn’t believe anyone should live past 75 years? He thinks you should automatically kill someone over 75 years because they aren’t contributing to society. Seriously?! That’s why we’ve fought so hard for a fair election. We see what’s coming. There was a guy yesterday who came up to the people filming, and he was from Romania. He supports President Trump because he grew up in Communism. He said that everything the Democrats are doing right now is how Communists take over a country.

People, I said it once, I’ll say it again. You can agree with me. You can disagree with me. I’m just telling my perspective. One thing is for sure, though. We need divine intervention. If we don’t get it, America won’t be here next year. I’m asking you to pray for America. Pray as if your life depends on it.

I love you all. Until next time, stay safe my friends. ❤

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