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Southern Winter

Today’s Bible Reading- Genesis Chapters 20-22 & Matthew Chapter 7

Good morning, my friends. Yesterday was a hard day for me, but I filled myself with good things and listened to trusted spiritual leaders. A balm has soothed my soul and I’m ready to keep pushing forward.

Does that mean I accept a Biden presidency? No. His “win” is illegitimate in my eyes unless a full forensic audit or even an entire redo on the vote is made. Had he won honestly, I’d be furious but an honest win is an honest win. This was not honest. It was rigged and then a coverup was attempted. Therefore, I will not acknowledge him as President of the United States of America.

Moving on.

January in my part of the world is when winter really hits. This year has brought some bitterly cold wind. So much so that I’ve made use of my earmuffs I think more this year than any other year. I wear earmuffs to protect my sensitive ears. I get earaches very easily. My mom said that when I was a baby, I had to have surgery and have tubes put in my ears. I don’t remember that. I digress. Today we are expecting some sleet, so I ordered groceries early. They were actually ordered late yesterday afternoon, but this morning was the earliest time I could pick them up. I guess the sleet forecast snuck up on us. The forecast for today had been just cold and rainy in the afternoon, but Mom mentioned to me something about sleet, so I looked at the weather report. Surprise! Sleet in the late morning and early afternoon. So……I made the grocery list and ordered groceries. By the time I’d ordered, though, the predicted sleet timetable had been moved up to around the time I have to go pick up the food. šŸ˜

Have I ever mentioned the one time I drove on icy roads? I drove probably 5-10 mph BELOW the speed limit, braked early but didn’t hold my foot on the brake, and I still almost slid through a red light. I was like, nope. I like winter, but only to walk in or watch. Not for driving.

The wintry weather, though, has forced me to do what I’ve been putting off all week. Laundry. I was down to a couple of pairs of capri pants to wear. Definitely not suitable for sleet. So now I have a load of laundry drying so I can wear some warm pants.

Y’all, I got sidetracked and I think the dryer has quit, so I’m going to end this post. I love you all. We may not always agree, but that’s what keeps things interesting. šŸ™‚

Until next time, stay safe my friends. ā¤

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