Change is Hard

Today’s Bible Reading- Genesis Chapters 23-24 & Matthew Chapter 8

Hello, my friends. Sleep was not my friend last night, so this post will be rambly.

Today was a long day. I finally caved in and took the tree down. Since it was a real tree, I needed to do something I haven’t done in a few years: recycle it. Luckily, a state park not too far from my house was accepting trees. They mulch them and put them in the pond bottoms at the fish hatchery. Apparently, it’s good for the fishies!

I’m running on about four hours of sleep and five cups of coffee. I just finished supper and my eyes are heavy. I’m ready for bed. Or at least getting into my pajamas and getting cuddly in my covers. Not all the Christmas decorations are put away. The living room, in all truthfulness, looks like a small tornado came through.

Weather-wise, I’m hearing chatter of possible sleet/snow in the near future, so I made a trip to the dollar store for batteries, candles and matches. It’s always good to have those on hand anyways. You never know when you may need something.

Taking the tree down is always a bit depressing for me. Christmas is my favorite holiday. The music, the food, the laughter, the funny movies. I especially love the claymation films. 😀 My mom does not. She had to suffer through them this past Christmas.

In other news, my car now smells like a Frasier fir, which makes me happy. It’ll be something to be unstressed about. January has been quite stressful! Later this month, my bank will be merging with another local bank and it’s proving to be much different than they had told us. I was under the impression that nothing much would change other than a new name and new logo. We’ve had mergers before and that was almost always the case. Oh no. We get new bank account numbers, new cards, new online banking program, new rules for banking, and so on and so forth. I’m a little put out that they weren’t forthcoming with how much change this would be. Oh well.

I’m a bit too tired to deal with all that at the moment. I’m just concerned that since my dad works out of state that there’ll be some mix-up and a card won’t work or an account number won’t work, or a card won’t be delivered to the right address. At the moment, we’re dealing with the fact that he hasn’t received the financial papers we sent him via Priority Mail, even though the tracking number says it was delivered. 😮

Well, that is my life today. Thank God the sleet only lasted overnight. It was still a bit nippy today, but not near what yesterday was. Love you all and until next time, stay safe my friends. ❤

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