A Better Day

Today’s Bible Reading- Exodus Chapters 1-3 & Matthew Chapter 15 Verses 21-39.

Good morning my friends. I had a much better night of sleep last night. I woke up once to take my medicine and that was it. If anyone out there prayed I’d have a better night, thank you. Your prayers were answered.

Now on to the sock update. I am just shy of starting the gusset portion. I worked and worked yesterday, but I still have just a little ways to go. It sure is pretty though.

Today will be busy as I have groceries to order, bills to pay, we have to send out Pop’s new debit and credit card to him, and I’m sure something else will come up. That said, I don’t know how much of the sock I’ll get done today.

In other news, Gracie is having a hard day today. She’s not feeling well. She has a vet appointment on February 1st, so that’s not too far away. It’s just lab work to see how her kidneys are doing, but I’m going to tell them my concerns about her lack of balance after puking and how thin she’s getting despite her good appetite. I’m praying that they’ll have some answers.

Some good news! I saw a birdie on the bird feeder yesterday. The birds have been backing off because of the cats, but one brave soul came and ate yesterday while the cats were eating breakfast. This year we have a ton of cardinals and blue jays and robins. I don’t remember seeing so many cardinals. And woodpeckers! I’ve seen probably 6 or 7 woodpeckers in one tree. I heard some crows yesterday but only saw one waddling around the field across the street.

Well, that’s my update for today. Enjoy your day and until next time, stay safe my friends.❤️

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