Wacky Weekend

Hello, my friends! My deepest apologies for not writing yesterday. I was a busy little bee the whole day. To make up for not putting up the Bible reading for yesterday, I’ll just lump yesterday’s reading and today’s reading together. 😁

Bible Reading Catch-up- Exodus Chapters 16-21 & Matthew Chapter 19 Verses 16-30 and Chapter 20 Verses 1-16.

I know you’re probably looking at all that reading and going: 😱. I won’t lie. It’s a lot. You can break it down, though, and maybe read half in the morning and half in the evening. If you’ve noticed, I don’t post on Sunday. This particular reading plan doesn’t have a reading selection for Sunday, so there’s another catch-up day. 😁. I know because I’ve been there. I remember the days at Bible college, trying to get homework done. I had several theology classes that overlapped in what was being studied and it got confusing at times. I even brought the wrong homework to a class once.😂

Moving on. Not much of an update on the sock. Since I was out and about yesterday, I only got one row in. 😶. However, this weekend should give me plenty of time to work on it. Starting today, my bank is officially offline. I can’t access my accounts, I can’t use the cards, nothing. They are making the merge today and Monday will be the start of both a new month and a new bank. That’s why I ran around yesterday. I got groceries in, paid bills, and FINALLY got Mom’s prescription. Yes! Praise God for that! I went there and it wasn’t ready, and I explained the trouble we’ve had. The lady told me to come back in 30 minutes. I came back probably an hour or so later because I had to drive home (30 minutes by itself) and put the groceries away. Mom finally has her stuff, though. I also filled the car up, gawked at how high the gas has gotten in one week, and then picked up our weekend pizza since we won’t be getting it on Saturday.

Today will be working on the sock, and hopefully lighting a fire under my tushy to take those boxes. 🙄. I know. I’ve been talking about those boxes. You ever have a chore you just hate to do. Maybe it’s not that hard, but something in you just bucks every time you think about it? That’s how I feel going to the recycling center. It’s not the drive. It’s probably 25 minutes on country roads. I think it’s loading them in the car. I had a mess of boxes like that once, and I used my dad’s SUV to take them, and on the way there I felt something on my shoulder. It was a spider. A big one. I just about wrecked. Thank God there wasn’t traffic because it would have been nasty. Hopefully, though, I can load most of the boxes in the trunk of my car and not have to worry about eight-legged freaks coming to say hello.😳

Gracie is doing okay. She ate a little too much wet food yesterday and puked some of it up. Not all of it. Just a tiny bit. She slept next to me all night on “her” pillow. It’s actually a pillow my chiropractor gave me that has a dip in the middle, but she’s claimed it. She played some yesterday and bugged the crap out of my mom for some donut. We get cake donuts from Krispy Kreme, and she loves the cake part. I make sure not to give her any glaze or any chocolate, but I’ll give her a little pinch of the cake. She really loves the blueberry cake and the sour cream cake.

Going back to the sock, I hope to make progress on it today. I’m so close to finishing up the gusset portion, and I want to get started on learning the wrapping and turning. It’s also going to be cold today. Fifty (50) degrees is the high. We didn’t get our January ice storm either, so maybe we’ll get a surprise one in February. That’s happened before.

Well, my friends, that’s my update for now. Love you all and until next time, stay safe my friends.❤️

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