Oops…..I Did it Again

Apologies my friends! I was so busy yesterday that I failed to write. I’m sorry you have another fairly large lump of Bible reading today, but you can always split it up and read throughout the day.😁

Today’s Bible Reading- Exodus Chapters 25-28 & Matthew Chapter 21.

As I said, yesterday was a busy day. Gracie had her vet appointment. They sent some lab work out to see what’s causing her weight loss (she’s lost a pound since November), and see what’s causing her to fall over. Initial thoughts are thyroid levels or possibly diabetes. I’d rather it be the thyroid. The vet feels it may be more the thyroid as well. She has a cat that has thyroid issues and the symptoms are similar. I’ll know either Wednesday or Thursday what’s up.

On top of all that, yesterday my bank officially opened as the new bank. My word, I think I spent hours trying to get everything I could change over changed. My dad had to fix a couple of things too. I’m waiting on word from one place, but I think everything is switched over. The cards are activated, we’ve already used them a couple of times. I do have to order new checks today, though. The bank will honor the old bank checks for six months, but I want to go ahead and change over. That means I’ll have to order checks for my parents and for me. That’ll take a minute. I like to look at the designs.😂.

The weather yesterday was frigid and today doesn’t promise to be any better. I overslept so now it’s almost eight ‘o’ clock in the morning, and I have yet to read my Bible, shower and dress and feed the cats. 😶. The cats will have to wait. I need Jesus in my life every day, but I need a little extra of Him today. He keeps me sane.

For anyone who prayed for Gracie, thank you. My worry and anxiety were off the charts yesterday. I remember taking Cricket in, knowing she was ill and hoping they could fix it. Then the call comes and they recommended putting her down. I get that anxiety when I take Gracie to the vet now. Especially knowing she has kidney disease like Cricket did.

I did notice that we may have some winter weather around Valentine’s Day. Pop was supposed to be here last night, but he is caught up in a winter storm and doesn’t want to drive the RV in that weather. Smart move. It kind of sucks, though, because I bought enough groceries to feed the three of us three squares a day for a week.😳. I guess I get leftovers for lunch until Pop gets here.😂. Works for me. I made lemon fried chicken last night and it was delicious! There’s one piece left and I intend to munch on it come lunchtime.🍽

Oh! The sock! I almost forgot. I’ve survived the heel, and am now working on the heel flap. It’s tough going. I didn’t get any work done on it yesterday, but I’ll try to work something in today.

That’s all for now, folks! It’s after eight, I need to read my Bible, and get coffee brewing. I can hear the cats outside making a racket. They’ll just have to wait a minute or two extra.

Love you all and until next time, stay safe my friends.❤️

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