Prayers and Rants

Today’s Bible Reading- Exodus Chapters 34-36 & Matthew Chapter 23 Verses 1-22.

Good morning, friends! It’s a cold morning here today. At the moment it’s 26 degrees out.🥶. Our high today is 52 and looking at the extended forecast, we may get our winter weather around Valentine’s Day. Wonderful.😶

I have an answered prayer to share today. Gracie’s vet called yesterday and her lab work came back normal. Thyroid levels are normal, urine levels normal, kidney levels are even normal! Her urine sample was a little diluted but they expected that due to the urinary tract prescription diet she’s on. Thank you Jesus! I was worried it was her kidneys. They want me to keep an eye on her and if she has any more fainting spells, I need to make an appointment to have her blood pressure checked and get some x-rays to see if there’s a cardiac problem. She looks a bit puny today, but she could be cold or tired. She has a tendency to stay up all night and get into things while I sleep. If you prayed for her, thank you! God heard your prayers. I wonder if it’s her blood pressure now. I had that issue when I was a teenager. I would stand up and all of a sudden I’d get tunnel vision and almost pass out. A few times I fell over, so I can relate to her episodes.

The sock is still coming along. I still have no clue how I’m losing stitches. I may try to work on it today. I only got a couple of rows in yesterday. Mom needed some errands run, and what should’ve taken me an hour and a half turned into a good two hours or better. The city has decided to extend their mask mandate for another 60 days, and they’ve changed the rules to allow them to only have to read the ordinance once to extend for another 60 days. In other words, they’re being an irritation.

Folks, I’ve made my opinion on the masks before. I don’t have a problem with people who want to wear the masks. What I have a problem with is governments making laws to force people to wear masks. It should be an individual choice. If you want to wear a mask, fine, but don’t shame me or belittle me because I choose not to. I don’t shame people for wearing masks, even though I don’t believe they really help. And now it’s being said to wear two masks at once? After the WHO comes out and says we don’t need the masks anymore? At what point do we say enough? Anyways. I’ve said my piece. I’ll get off my soapbox. It just upsets me about these mandatory mask mandates.

Moving on.

Today is grocery day. I make the menus and get the list together. I also need to order more cat food. I’m hoping for another break today from the neighbor’s cats bugging me. Oh well. I think I’ve got my blood pressure up now. 😆 I’m not trying to cause controversy, people. That’s not my goal. I just want to live life in a free country. When we give the government too much power, though, they run with it. You ever heard the saying, “Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile”? I think that’s what’s happening. We let them have the inch and now they want the whole darn thing.

Okay. I’ll stop. 😂. I love you all. I’m sure some of you disagree with me on masks. That’s okay. We can agree to disagree. Until next time, stay safe my friends. ❤️

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