It’s Saturday!

Today’s Bible Reading- Exodus Chapters 39-40 & Matthew Chapter 24 Verses 1-22.

Good morning, friends! It’s a bit chilly here today. The sun had been out earlier, but now it’s overcast and frigid.

I’ve done a bit of picking up outside today. I had to move my dad’s SUV to make room for the RV. Pop is supposed to be arriving some time today, and I wanted to make sure there was space in the driveway. I also picked up one of the house vents to put it back in and was greeted by a black widow. They’re pretty common around here as well as brown recluses, and a hybrid- the brown widow. That one is very dangerous. Even more so than the widow or recluse. The brown widow is what happens when the black widow and the brown recluse have babies. 😱. I haven’t seen one but my dad has.

The tulips are still growing! I’m very excited about it. I can’t wait to see what colors come out.

Since Pop is coming in today, Mom is busy vacuuming and cleaning. I need to get the sheets changed out and get some laundry done. I still want to work on the sock, but we shall see if that’ll happen.

Well, that’s kind of my short update for today, folks. Time is short and I have things to do today. I will mention that I may have learned my lesson about something. Maybe. Key word there. This week I got some Burger King for supper because I was out and about for a good while. Well, while eating the food my lips got super itchy and then little bumps broke out around my mouth. Most of them have gone away, but there’s one left and it is so sore. I’m going to assume that it’s a reaction to gluten, or maybe there’s some GMO stuff going on there. I’ve been careful about what I eat, but I had a moment of weakness. My lip is all puffy around that sore. I put some balm on it last night before bed and it seemed to help, so I’ll probably put some more on in a minute.

That’s all for now! Love you all and until next time, stay safe my friends.❤️

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