Chitter Chatter

Today’s Bible Reading- Leviticus Chapter 13 & Matthew Chapter 26 Verses 20-56.

Good morning, friends. I hope y’all are well. It’s looking to be another spring-like day today, albeit drizzly. I think God heard my prayer for help with reading Leviticus because today it was much more interesting to me.

I accidentally left the glass off the roses last night, but they look okay. Mom said that it didn’t get too cold last night, but definitely cover them for the rest of the weekend.

The sock wasn’t worked on at all yesterday, but I do plan to work on it today. It’s a bit of a chill day today. I’ve been up since about 5:45. I jumped right in to the shower and got around. Gracie was bugging me from the time I got up until 8 am about getting her wet food. She seems to be in a good mood today. Prayer works!

I haven’t had coffee yet, but I had some major sinus drainage make its exit this morning, and it was gross. As spring gets closer, it’ll get worse, too. Most of my neighborhood has pine trees, oak trees, and Bradford pear trees. The Bradford pear has been deemed an invasive species around here, and last year a company was offering to give native trees to people who got rid of their pear trees, but there was a catch: you had to pay for the removal of the trees. That’s kind of pricey!

I believe the weather is supposed to be 61 degrees today with some rain. It’s cloudy right now and cool, but not frigid.

I really don’t have much more of an update, y’all. The tulips are still popping up. The roses are doing really well. At some point, Pop wants to get the garden frame set up. I would totally have worked on it yesterday if I’d thought of it.

That’s all for now. Love you all and until next time, stay safe my friends.<3

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