Valentine’s Day

Today’s Bible Reading- Leviticus Chapters 15-17 & Matthew Chapter 27 Verses 1-31.

Good morning, friends! It’s a cold and very rainy morning here. I can hear the rain falling onto the metal roof we have. Such a soothing sound.

So, I noticed in today’s Bible reading that the word ‘azazel’ was used. That brought back to mind a video I had watched on YouTube from Dr. Michael Heiser on the subject. He is a Bible scholar, and the Old Testament is his specialty. He explains azazel in a way that a lot of Bible scholars don’t. He actually has some fascinating books on angels and demons, and one book he’s written, The Unseen Realm, is really mind blowing. Thought provoking material for sure. Anyways, I digress. Click here to visit that video!

Also, since tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and I don’t write on Sundays, I thought I’d tell you about a radio program I grew up listening to. It’s called Adventures in Odyssey, and they have an excellent program from back in the day about Valentine’s Day. The episode, if memory serves correctly (and I also had to look it up a few days ago), is called ‘The Last I Do’. It really is a great program. I encourage y’all to look for Odyssey and see if you can somehow get a hold of that Valentine’s episode. It’s geared towards kids, but adults can enjoy it too. I’d recommend Adventures in Odyssey in general. A lot of good morals to be learned.

Okay. Moving on. I have an update for you that is great news! The toilet is fixed! Thank you Jesus! We’re still waiting on car parts to come in, and Pop leaves for his new job this week, so help us pray that the parts come in! He needs a car to drive. One car is going to the mechanic on Monday, but the other one is in parts in our driveway. Something to do with the fuel pump system. Very expensive. I know that much.

Anyhoo. Today’s goals are to get the sheets changed on the beds. Mom has already stripped the sheets off her and Pop’s bed. She has trouble putting sheets on, so I do that for her. I also want to really work on the sock! Today is a great day to work on it. Not a lot to do, too cold and rainy to go anywhere.

That’s all I have for now, folks. Valentine’s Day isn’t really my favorite day in the world. I think couples forget sometimes that single people who want to be in a relationship struggle on February 14. Seeing all the romance surrounding us while not getting to experience it ourselves can be very depressing. So, if you have a single friend who struggles on Valentine’s Day, reach out to them somehow and let them know they’re loved.

Love you all and until next time, stay safe my friends. ❤

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