Ash Wednesday

Today’s Bible Reading- Leviticus Chapters 22-25 & Mark Chapter 1.

Good morning, my friends! Today has been a bit of a Monday for me. I overslept and ended up not taking my medication, the coffee was weak, breakfast was late, and I am just now finishing the Bible reading and praying.

On the bright side, the sun is shining brightly, although it’s very cold out.

I have some good news. I spent most of yesterday working on the sock, and I am making quite a bit of progress! I’m working on the cuff at the moment, and then once that’s finished, I’ll go back and fill in the heel portion. I’m really liking this pattern so far. At first, it was a bit difficult to understand, but as I continue on, it becomes clearer. I did make the leg portion smaller than what it called for. I don’t care for socks that go way up the leg.

As today’s title implies, it is Ash Wednesday. I’m not Catholic, but my mom had us celebrate Lent in our own way growing up. She taught my sister and me that Lent is about sacrifice and being selfless. She would ask us to pray and ask God to reveal something that He’d like us to abstain from during Lent (Ash Wednesday until sundown on Easter Sunday for us). It wasn’t always something material. It could be giving more time to reading the Bible. It could be spending more time volunteering at church. What was required of us, though, was that we prayed and asked God for guidance on what He wanted us to do for Lent.

This year, God pressed on me to give up something that I really don’t want to give up. It’s hard. Not going to lie, I may be a crank for a while over it. My relationship with God is more important, though, and He’s asked me to do this, so I’ll do it. Being upset over it is actually a sign that it’s become something of an idol to me, so it’ll be good for me to take time away from it.

I have no other news today. It’s sunny, the tulips are still popping up, the roses are doing okay, the yard is a bit muddy from the rain. Today is menu planning day, and since finances are tight, I’ll be looking at other stores in hopes of pinching some pennies. It all depends on what’s on sale.

Gracie is a bit puny today. She’s currently on my bed sleeping in a sunny spot by the window. I think it’s just too cold for her. It is pretty frigid. Yesterday, the wind was so cold it felt as if it moved straight through your soul. Us Southerners are not used to that kind of cold!

That’s all for now, folks. Love you all and until next time, stay safe my friends. ❤

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