A Long Day

Today’s Bible Reading-Numbers Chapters 14-16 & Mark Chapter 6 Verses 1-32.

Good evening, my friends! This will be a short post as I’m ready to hop into bed.

It’s been a long day. I didn’t really get all that much done, but we went on an unplanned road trip today.

The food I just purchased for the cats went bad. I had no other food, so the hunt was on. I’ve been having rotten experiences with buying cat food recently, so I set out online to find some good stuff. I’ve always had good experiences with the food I’ve bought from Petco, but the nearest one is almost an hour from my house. Since it was a beautiful, sunny day, Mom and I went on a little road trip.

The road trip started late because I was stressing out on what food to buy and where to get it. The last food I bought was split between Walmart and Dollar General, and both those things soured before all the food was used up. Two days ago, I purchased some food from Tractor Supply, and when I went to feed the cats this morning, the food smelled like rancid peas. Consequently, the cats didn’t seem very interested in it either. Since it was all I had, I had to go out and buy more food. In the end, a trip to Petco was made, and the cats ate most of their food at suppertime.

Gracie is patiently waiting for me to go to bed, with the occasional tap on my leg to remind me it’s bed time, so I’ll say good night for now. We’re expecting some pretty nasty weather tomorrow, and it’s also grocery day, so that’ll be something to look forward to.

Love you all and until next time, stay safe my friends. ❤

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