Saturday Feelings

Today’s Bible Reading- Numbers Chapters 20-22 & Mark Chapter 7.

Good morning, my friends. I’m having a tough start to the morning today. I’ve been up for quite a while, but even after three cups of coffee, I feel as if I was awake all night.

Today is chilly. It’s currently somewhere in the 40s, but our high is in the low 60s today. Yesterday never made it to 53 or 54 degrees as forecast. Instead, after I published the post it became even colder.

During the drive to the grocery store yesterday, my tire pressure light came on. Since there’s only one place that I know has an air machine with a built-in tire pressure gauge, I decided to get the groceries, go to the bank and then head over to put air in the tires. It was still drizzling out when I arrived, but I parked and put the quarters in the machine. I’m old enough to remember when air was free! Now it costs $1. 😑

As I was kneeling down to put air in the first tire, a gentleman came around the corner and offered to put the air in for me. That was really sweet of him! Chivalry is not dead in my town! 🥰 I thanked him after the air was put in, and he told me to stay safe, then I got in the car and headed home.

This morning, I had a couple of revelations while struggling to make the coffee. The first one was that I thought I’d bought 12 days worth of cat food. I only bought 6 days worth. 🤦‍♀️ I can’t believe I did that. No wait. I can. I am the person that accidentally put a library book in the freezer and then almost returned it late because I couldn’t remember where it was. Yes. It was in the freezer. How it got there, I will never know, but my mom got a good laugh out of it. I’m also the person that walked into K-Mart without realizing I’d put my pants on backwards. Yep. I did that. I put khaki pants on backwards. I’d lost a bunch of weight and I could put them on already zipped and buttoned, so that’s what I did. I didn’t realize I’d put them on backwards. Mom discovered it as I walked in front of her on the way into the store. Talk about a good laugh! I got a belly laugh out of her. She still belly laughs over it.

Well, today’s goals are to get the sheets changed on the beds. Maybe I’ll try my hand at crochet again. I don’t know. My shoulder is still swollen a little. I believe it’s going to be one of those cozy days today where I get next to nothing done.

I did want to mention something. I was looking to add a Pandora link on the blog, but alas there is no widget for it. Instead, I added a link to it in the Follow Me section at the bottom of the page. I don’t know if it will work for, but I hope it does. Electric Light Orchestra is the name of the station. You’ll get a taste of what I listen to on a daily basis. There’s also a Christmas station, but I don’t think that’s the station I listened to this past year. I pretty much just listen to the ELO station. 😍 I should mention that the link for Pandora is the icon that looks like a chain. The ‘P’ is for my Pinterest page.

Well, that’s my post for today, folks! I have yet to do my Bible reading. Yes, I’m doing everything backwards today. I tried to make grits for breakfast and ruined them. I forgot about the water and my grits ended up the consistency of dried up spackle. I ended up making scrambled eggs, toast, and peeled a mandarin. I’m currently on coffee number four, so maybe I’ll be able to focus on the Bible reading for today.

Love you all and until next time, stay safe my friends. ❤

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