Just Chillin’

Today’s Bible Reading- Numbers Chapters 26-27 & Mark Chapter 8 Verses 22-38.

Good morning, friends. It’s a cold morning here today! Our high will be 53 degrees and overcast. Right now it’s in the low 40s. I imagine I may have to put air in the tires again soon. This crazy weather doesn’t know what it wants!

I almost finished my entire to-do list yesterday. Today I have a bill to pay, the post office to visit, medication to be refilled, laundry to do and fajitas to make for supper. Breakfast will be grits and fruit. I made grits for breakfast yesterday and they were delicious!

Gracie had one of her episodes this morning. I don’t know if it was caused by something she ate, or if she had a bad dream, but she seems to be recovering okay. One more of those and I’ll be carting her off to the vet for a blood pressure check and a heart check.

I’m running behind with feeding the cats today, but I need to get my hair washed and dress in warm clothes before I feed them. I was pretty stuffy yesterday so I wore my summer pajamas to bed.

Depending on the weather, I may cover the roses tonight. I know there’s a couple of nights coming that will warrant covering them.

There isn’t much other news to share, folks! I’m waiting on my shoulder to heal up before I embark on more crafting. Never fear, my crafting will return. I think I just over stressed my shoulder muscle.

Love you all and until next time, stay safe my friends. ❤

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